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Ben Sheppard Elementary aims to provide a quality education where all students will reach their full potential within a caring, secure environment.

The purpose of STEM is to provide students with a challenging curriculum that will expose them to critical thinking, engineering, technology, mathematics, science, field studies, projects, competitions and science research throughout their elementary experience.

Ben Sheppard Elementary is the only elementary school in the district with a science magnet program offering students in third, fourth and fifth grade the opportunity to apply to our unique Science focused magnet program.

Ben Sheppard Elementary School firmly believes in providing quality in service, relationships, and communications. We are dedicated to richly impacting the lives of all students and the surrounding community.

We believe that we are the positive and underlying force that prepares, bridges, and binds the learners to a world beyond the classroom walls.

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Ben Sheppard Elementary is the only elementary school in the district with a math, science and technology  magnet program which is offered from grades kindergarten through fifth grade who apply to the program and meet criteria.


The library at Ben Sheppard is open for parents after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:15-4:00. Parents may check out library books in order to help their child fulfill the required 30 minutes of nightly reading. Parents may check out an additional two books for a period of two weeks.


The Ben Sheppard Elementary After-school Care Program offers a variety of activities, including homework assistance, indoor and outdoor games, music, library, academic enrichment, arts and crafts, and computers. The After-school care program is until 6:00pm .

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University of Florida Teachers Fellows

Staff Directory

Pre-K Teachers

Ms. M. Nieves

Ms. M. Navarro

Mrs. J. Enriquez

Mrs. P. Crawford

Mrs. G. Domond

Sonia Brugues

Kindergarten Teachers

Mrs. Adela Gonzalez

Mrs. Alexandra Gonzalez

Mrs. C. Davis

Mrs. Rios

Ms. Choueiki

Ms. Gil

First Grade

Mrs. A. Lopez -Isa

Ms. E. Moore

Mrs. J. Papp

Ms. L. Murray

Ms. Brito

Ms. O. Waksman

Ms. Chain

Second Grade

Ms. Z. Pardo

Mrs. K. Mason

Mrs. S. Hernandez

Ms. T. Castineira

Mrs. L. Ly

Mrs. D. Sanders

Ms. A. Lopez

Ms. J. Patiño


Mrs. A. Andrews

Third Grade Teachers

Ms. T. Howard

Mrs. D. Lugo

Ms. A. Castellanos

Mrs. Rizo

Mrs. H. Fernandez

Ms. G. Darden

Mrs. L. Ashley

Mrs. M. Cancela


Fourth Grade Teachers

Mrs. C. Reyes

Ms. G. Llanes

Mrs. C. Millares-Fernandez

Mrs. C. Ross

Mr. D. Osborn

Mrs. Hernandez-Roan

Mrs. Escobar

Fifth Grade Teachers

Mr. I. Martin

Mrs. M. Alvarez

Mrs. A. Egues

Mrs. P. Ruiz

Mrs. J. Hinds

Mrs. M. Gomez

Ms. S. Zamorano

ESE Teachers

Mrs. J. Sene

Mrs. M. Mederos

Mrs. C. Estrada

Ms. Y. Gomez

Ms. P. Ramakrishnan

ESE Support Personnel

Mrs. S. Othon

Ms. M. Hurter


Computer Lab Specialist

Mrs. J. Griffin


ESE Paraprofessionals

Mrs. R. Hernandez

Mrs. A. Sanchez

Mrs. M. Mendez


Gifted Teacher

Mrs. A. Luis

Ms. F. Morejon

Physical Education

Mr. J. Ingles

Mr. A. Othon




Mrs. Denis Alonso


Academic Coaches

Maria Alvarez
Math  Coach        

Pura Ruiz
Sciense Coach/Magnet Lead Teacher

Mr. D. Osborn
Reading Coach

Ms. H. Ramirez

Ms. J. Hinds



Mrs. S. Hernandez


Mrs. G. Fernandez

Media Center

Mrs. H. Ramirez


Michael Alonso




Mrs. Aylen Rahimi

Community Involvement


 Mrs. M. Lobo

Student Services

Ms. E. Aguilera


School Nurse

Speech Pathologist

Shakira Milian


Mrs. E. Shelley


Mrs. H. Alonso

Ms. M. Izquierdo

Ms. Galguera


Ms. M. Alonso


Mrs. I. Cross

Mrs. E. Ramos

Mr. D. Osborn





Mr. L. Louima

Mr. S. Mungin

Mr. J. Williams

Mr. F. Figueras

Mr. J. Labrador

Mrs. J. Jackson

Mrs. A. Cabanas

Mrs. G. Jones


Full-Time Cafeteria

Mrs. N. Paumier

Mrs. S. Banos

Mrs. N. Diaz


Part-Time Cafeteria

Mrs. D. Delrey

Mrs. M. Leyva

Mrs. V. Abreu

Mrs. D. Suarez

Mrs. E. Cardenas

Mrs. L. Vega

Mr. I. Garcia

Ms. E. Cardena

Ms. M. Cruz

Full-Time Paraprofessionals

Mrs. L. Dominguez

Mrs. M. Gomez

Mrs. R. Cruz

Mrs. M. Kirsner

Mrs. J. Griffin

Mrs. E. Gonzalez

Ms. K. Alston



Part-Time Teacher

Mrs. Gornitz

Mrs. Jimenez

Part-Time Paraprofessional

Ms. M. Santana

Latoya Monagas

 Security Monitors

Mr. H. Valdes

Mrs. L. Castillo

Mrs. M. Castillo

Mrs. M. Espinoza

Ms. M. Enriquez


Zone Mechanic

Mr. K. Stenmark







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