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Ben Sheppard Elementary aims to provide a quality education where all students will reach their full potential within a caring, secure environment.

The purpose of STEM is to provide students with a challenging curriculum that will expose them to critical thinking, engineering, technology, mathematics, science, field studies, projects, competitions and science research throughout their elementary experience.

Ben Sheppard Elementary is the only elementary school in the district with a science magnet program offering students in third, fourth and fifth grade the opportunity to apply to our unique Science focused magnet program.

Ben Sheppard Elementary School firmly believes in providing quality in service, relationships, and communications. We are dedicated to richly impacting the lives of all students and the surrounding community.

We believe that we are the positive and underlying force that prepares, bridges, and binds the learners to a world beyond the classroom walls.

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Ben Sheppard  Silver Hawks Soar High
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Ben Sheppard Elementary is the only elementary school in the district with a math, science and technology  magnet program which is offered from grades kindergarten through fifth grade who apply to the program and meet criteria.


The library at Ben Sheppard is open for parents after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:15-4:00. Parents may check out library books in order to help their child fulfill the required 30 minutes of nightly reading. Parents may check out an additional two books for a period of two weeks.


The Ben Sheppard Elementary After-school Care Program offers a variety of activities, including homework assistance, indoor and outdoor games, music, library, academic enrichment, arts and crafts, and computers. The After-school care program is until 6:00pm .

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About Ben Sheppard Elementary



Ben Sheppard is a full Service School. This means we have additional service to help our students and their parents. The Florida Department of Health works closely with the staff at BSE. We have a full-time nurse: Ms Grisel Gigato; a full-time nurse's assistant, Ms. Terry Pearson; and a social worker, Ms. Marr. The Jackson Care-A-Van from Jackson Memorial Hospital visits Milander Park Auditorium 4800 Palm Avenue Hialeah, any Thursday and Friday from 9:am to 4:pm to offer immunization shots and medical examinations to all Dade County School students. Parents may also seek health services or referrals from the Jackson Care-a-Van  Social workers and therapists from Children's Psychiatric Center, Citrus Health Network and other Children and Family Services work cooperatively with parents, counselors, and teachers to ensure student academic, emotional, physical and social success. If you feel you could use further services from our school, call 305-585-7040.




About Dr. Ben Sheppard


Dr. Ben Sheppard  left an indelible mark on the Florida community. Known as "Dr. Ben" to those of us who loved him, he was a man of many talents. Dr, Ben was a pediatrician, a Dade County medical examiner, a juvenile judge and a humanitarian who worked extensively in drug rehabilitation and with Catholic charities.  Dr. Ben was best known to the Dade County Public Schools as a member and chairman of the Dade County School Board. In either capacity, he served the Dade school district devotedly from 1968 until his death in 1980 at the age of 77.  Dr. Ben was active in numerous organizations, from the local to the international level. They included the Children's Center for the Emotionally Disturbed, the Big Brothers and Big Sisters Association, the American Medical Association and the International Venom Research Foundation, of which he was cofounder. In addition he was founder and chairman of the Ben Sheppard Foundation through which he attempted to develop treatments for multiple sclerosis and arthritis using snake venom.  Dr. Ben spent a lifetime serving humanity. He worked hard to ensure that children were sound both in mind and body. He worked for progress in education and medicine. He was a leader in the development of drug abuse prevention programs in the Dade County Public Schools.  Dr. Ben Sheppard earned many awards and honors. Perhaps the one award that best sums up his lifetime of contributions was given by the Florida State Society. It was the Good Samaritan award. Dr. Ben Sheppard was everyone's GOOD SAMARITAN.



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